What About My Inner Wisdom And My Spirituality?

Your Inner Wisdom
People are often amazed at the insight and wisdom that they have available inside of themselves. Connecting with your Inner Wisdom lets you discover what’s really going on for you beneath the intellectualising and control that we so easily get tangled up in. I work with people to discover their authentic self and their true wants, wishes and dreams. Often they’ve been operating from a misunderstanding as they weren’t in touch with their truth that lives within their heart.

It is easy to access this part of yourself even if you didn’t know of it’s existence before and it allows you to take away a greater connection with yourself and your own wisdom for the future too. Clients have found it very useful and enlightening.

Your Spirituality
If you wish it, we can make a more conscious connection to your spirituality or your sense of a Higher Universal Power or a meaningful order to the Universe.

Or we can clarify what you believe in and what you want to believe in. I have a good deal of experience in working to free clients of any childhood (or adult) indoctrination or negative feelings or beliefs about spirituality that are getting in their way. Connecting with your spirituality more fully does not focus on any specific religion or teachings, rather the focus is on your connection to a greater unified force outside of and/or within yourself.

It has been proven that those people with a positive spiritual orientation tend to cope better in life, are more resilient with life’s ups and downs and find life more meaningful and satisfying, regardless of where their beliefs stem from.

I’m happy to work with you in this area, should you wish to go there.