EFT Tapping

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EFT Tapping offers you tangible results in the briefest of time.

It can quite literally be amazing.

EFT stands for ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ and it is often explained as a form of energy psychology. Some people like to think of it as acupuncture without the needles as it involves applying very gentle tapping (using your fingers) to points located on the invisible energy channels, the meridians that run throughout the body.

The points that we tap on are mainly on the head and hands (so tapping is done fully dressed, sitting in a chair) and you can do it to yourself with my guidance.

It is a very easy and non-intrusive technique so we can do this work either via Zoom/Facetime/Skype, over the phone or in person.

The idea behind tapping is that it targets the underlying causes of the problem, the energetic disturbance. Since an energetic disturbance is below all of our behavioural, physical and emotional problems then the areas in life  where tapping can be used are almost unlimited.

Tapping is used for anxiety, phobias, weight loss, allergies, addictions, emotional issues… Infact it can be used for just about anything and everything. You don’t even need to know how it works but the evidence that it works is revealed to you as you do it. You will feel the difference that it makes, literally as we do it.

What tapping does is to bridge the gap between your body and your mind. So when you feel something in your body, a feeling, a thought or a belief that doesn’t help you, you can literally tap it (while embracing it) and then it shifts.

When tapping and focusing on the thought or feeling you want to address you’ll find the energy that goes with that thought or feeling gets discharged. Suddenly you don’t feel it anymore or its intensity has noticeably dropped and so we simply keep going until it clears.

Some people ask if it is simply a distraction technique but research has proved that it is not. This is best experienced for yourself but there is a great deal of scientific research outlining the proven power of tapping. It is beginning to be taught in schools and in the armed forces and there are huge charity relief programmes, working with war refugees and natural disaster survivors, using EFT Tapping to relieve and reduce severe experiences of trauma and post traumatic shock.

EFT Tapping and You 

Sometimes it’s a very straightforward issue and we will tap through it very quickly and it will feel like it just disappeared. Sometimes it works like peeling away the layers of an onion, so we can clear the surface issue then check where that takes you to. From there we go on to clear what remains until it is resolved.

Used in a therapeutic or coaching context tapping can seem almost magical but it is not magic. Of all of the techniques I use with clients, this is the one where people most often ask, ‘Can it really be this easy?’

When used correctly by someone who is open to it, EFT Tapping can be fantastic for releasing negative emotions and for changing unhelpful beliefs that you want to change. It’s fast and powerful yet comfortable.
There are ways to use it where you can stay a long way from the subject matter, from your negative feelings or from what is upsetting you and yet you can still get very powerful results. So this can be a very safe and gentle way to work.


This is a brilliant technique because once you learn it, you can use it yourself at any time or on occasion, for any feeling or thought that you want to address. You can tap any time, any place, without anyone even noticing. It totally empowers you.