Why Are Feelings Important?

We all need our feelings.

Feelings are our natural guidance system telling us when things are working for us and when they are not. We know when something feels good or right and when it doesn’t. Or ideally we ought to be this tuned into how we feel. The trouble is that modern culture and our modern way of living has led us to mess around with our feelings. We push down, deny or even end up unaware of feelings that don’t seem appropriate for the time or for the task at hand.

Everyone’s had the experience of being bored at work or in someone’s company when it didn’t feel appropriate to express or act upon this. Or something negative or unpleasant has happened and we try to just forget about it and move on. And for a time it works. We can rise above our feelings or distract ourselves from them enough if they don’t suit us or aren’t convenient. But…we can only do this for so long and in certain ways before the denied or suppressed feelings start causing us problems.

If we don’t listen to and attend to our feelings then we end up not meeting our true needs. Unmet needs can make us really stressed and unhappy and lead us to ineffective and unhelpful ways of living our lives that in turn can lead to more serious future problems.

If we try to drown our sorrows in alcohol or escape them through ‘recreational’ mind-altering drugs, through food, gambling, shopping, work, sex etc. then the relief we feel is only temporary and always illusory.

We tend to learn about emotions from our family norms and our culture. If we try to ‘keep our cool’ by suppressing our anger or denying our sadness, we build up pressure inside ourselves. We can end up stressed, ill, heading for a heart attack. Or we may rage and bully others to the point that people don’t want to be around us or we do something socially unacceptable.

We need to be in touch with our feelings and to do something about them…

The use of Life coaching, EFT Tapping, NLP & Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis allows you to identify your feelings, release those that are past their sell by date and to develop a different understanding about the role of emotions in your life. Your feelings can go back to being a positive guidance system, helping you to live life in the best way that works for you… feeling good about life and yourself.