Addictive behaviours | Thoughts

I can help you to free yourself from addictive thoughts, feelings and behaviours 

Most people know from their own personal experience when something has become addictive for them…
When you can’t stop doing what you know isn’t helping you,
When what you are doing is actually making things worse,
When you find yourself rationalising that you have it under control and it’s not so bad… but then end up doing it again… and the worse it gets the more you have to do it…

At this point it’s probably time to admit that you are in the grip of addiction. Whether or not it may be medically defined as an addiction isn’t really the issue here as I work with people who ‘feel’ they are in the grip of an addiction and know that they want to change this.

My Approach
I am almost 100% in agreement with the principles and beliefs of 12 Step Fellowship for dealing with addiction. (I.e. Alcoholics Anonymous, Over-eaters Anonymous, Debters Anonymous, Codependence Anonymous etc.)

These principles encourage people to find abstinence a day at a time by adopting the attitudes and behaviours of those who are already successfully dealing with their addictions in their lives. They offer support and stop the isolation.

They also encourage people to develop a better relationship with themselves, with others around them and thirdly, with any form of spirituality/Higher Power that works for them. These elements along with the 12 steps are seen as the corner stones of recovery. (Please note that all 12 step programmes such as AA etc. are spiritual not religious programmes).

Where I differ in my beliefs…
is that I believe that people in the grip of addiction also benefit from therapeutic help to get to their underlying pain, that is driving them to the addictive thoughts and behaviours.

That when you deal with what’s making you need to keep yourself away from your inner most feelings (by becoming over run with your addiction) then the addiction itself can recede and it will start to lose its power over you.

So what are you having trouble with?
People are unique in terms of what they feel they are ‘addicted’ to. Some people go through their whole lives being addicted to things like tv soaps or football. But the important thing is that if it isn’t causing them any pain or making their life unmanageable then it’s not a problem for them.

But if the addiction is problematic, especially when the behaviours or substances make life unmanageable they mostly fall into the following categories;
Food (too much, too little, specific foods, eating issues)
Relationships (avoiding them, being dependant on them, being consistently hurt in them, not being able to leave or end them, having them dominate your whole life, cheating, lies, drama, dishonesty)
Drugs (prescription and illegal)
Money (Spending/shopping/saving money/obsessing about money)
Cleaning.. etc…

I work with you on these issues to help you to change yourself from within.

Clarity Life Coaching, EFT Tapping, NLP and Time Line Therapy®
are great tools and techniques
to tackle ‘addictive’ thoughts, feelings and behaviours

And to clear the hidden pain that is driving the need for the addiction