What Is The Unconscious Mind?

Your Mind

You have a conscious mind and an unconscious mind.

Your conscious mind can think of your name or address right now, simply because you wish it to.

Your unconscious mind was the place where that information was stored before you brought it to your attention just now. It is also where the information will return to when you put your conscious attention onto something new and forget all about it, until you need it again.

Some information stored in our unconscious mind is easy to get at (like remembering your address) while other information may harder to bring to mind (like what you experienced on a certain day that you have forgotten all about).

When we talk about things we begin to making connections and remembering things that we’d maybe not thought about for a while. This information has been resting out of your awareness, in your unconscious mind. A useful analogy, despite the fact that we aren’t really the same as computers, is to think of your unconscious mind as the place where everything that is not visible on the desktop of your computer is hidden away while what is in your desktop is like what is in your conscious mind.

Some information you hold in your unconscious mind is having an influence on you without you having any idea that it’s back there running the show, controlling what you do, how you react, what you think and feel, without you even knowing it. Because it’s having a strong hidden influence you’ll find that you can’t seem to outwit it with conscious willpower alone, which is usually why people end up here, are on this website, looking for help.


When you want to change something that you find easy to change you can just choose to be different and develop new habits. When this doesn’t work it’s likely to be because something in your unconscious mind is running your behaviours, thoughts or feelings without you being able to influence it consciously. It’s as though your unconscious is running you and that means it’s in charge.

Ironically your unconscious can only work to protect you, that’s it’s only job, if we try holding our breath indefinitely – it won’t let us. But the good news is that it is more than happy to cooperate when it realises that you want to make a lasting change for the better.

Good therapy/coaching  involves YOU getting to the control centre in your unconscious and changing it, in the fastest, most effective way possible for you, while feeling comfortable and safe while you’re doing it. Or it involves going above or below

That’s what I do with you. You’re in the pilot seat and I’m the kind of navigator, but actually you naturally do it all.

Of course we have to talk the issue through together to be clear about what it is that we are working on and what you will achieve through the work. But the insights and internal shifts are yours. The days of having to talk things over endlessly to try to make deep, lasting change and the days of having to go back through all of  the feelings attached to the experiences, beliefs and  thoughts in your unconscious are now gone.

Modern therapeutic/coaching approaches and techniques can produce amazing results that just weren’t possible previously. So I’m here to help you to make the right subtle or profound shifts in your unconscious, so that you can have the life that you want in an easy and powerful way.