Trouble sleeping

You can sleep better

There are several different types of sleeping problems – which do you suffer from?

  • Inability to get to sleep
  • Waking up in the night
  • Being unable to get back to sleep once woken
  • Not being able to sleep in alternative locations
  • Shift work affecting sleeping
  • Bad habits of going to bed later than intended

Resolving what is troubling you will help you sleep more quickly, soundly and peacefully. I will suggest you help yourself by doing as much of the following as possible. The brain is an electrical receiver and is stimulated by light, so…

  • Turn your mobile phone off at night
  • Put cordless phones back in their base station
  • Turn off computers and avoid computer/phone/tablet screens an hour before bed
  • Minimise electrical items close to the head of the bed
  • Turning the TV off (Ideally remove it from the bedroom)

However, once outside interference has been eliminated as a contributory factor then Life Coaching, EFT Tapping, Time Line Therapy,® NLP and Hypnosis can be used in several different ways to allow you to sleep better. We can…

  • Teach the body and mind to relax
  • Deal with underlying issues that are bothering you
  • Clear out disempowering beliefs that perpetuate the problem
  • Create new behaviours that support good sleep