What people say after working with me…

‘Willow has the most amazing ability to talk to just about anybody and help them to unravel the story or the layers to find out what’s going on at the core. To describe her as insightful doesn’t do her justice, because it isn’t just that she knows so much and has a wealth of experience, it’s that these things are coupled with the most incredible investigative skills. She’s like CSI of your feelings, emotions and behaviours and a good friend all rolled into one. She works in such a subtle way that she gets you to the answers almost without you noticing the process. Only then do you really know what you need to work on and she’s just as amazing at doing the work. I can’t recommend her highly enough.’ (June Dorchester) *

‘We referred to Willow as Uhuru from Star Trek when we worked with her. You know that moment when Captain Kirk always used to say … so what’s really going on here Uhuru? … and she’d just know… well that’s Willow.’ (D. S.) *

‘On turning to somebody for coaching you expect them to be knowledgeable on the subject and proficient. What you find with Willow is that is like describing Christiano Renaldo as a good footballer.’ (T. S.) *

‘The truth is she has the knowledge and qualifications but most importantly it is her personality and innate skills that come together to produce this amazing result born of wisdom, insight and a genuine interest in her clients. When you work with her you feel a sense of security and trust and things change for the better, profoundly’. (J.J.) *

‘The thing that struck me was how you don’t come with a preformed answer. You genuinely listen and you let me kind of expand and expound on what I’m thinking while at the same time there is a sense of support, of being held. It’s not like I’m talking into a vacuum yet there is so much space for me, as if time stands still. I know that you’re listening and taking it all on board and then you process my information and lead me to see it in totally new ways. It’s always so specifically about me, it’s never a generalisation or a formula. I could never have got here without you. Thank you.’ (Pippa Buckley) *

“ I have been open to various types of business coaching, therapies and trainings for all of my working life and have achieved varying degrees of success. Yet through working with Willow over the past two years using techniques which are new to me, I have been able to focus on what is really important, both professionally and personally. Willow has enabled me to release old behaviours and emotional baggage in a way that allows me to see clearly what is the best course in my home and business life.
I cannot endorse her work more strongly. Willow has helped me make changes that years of other therapies , training courses and techniques did not enable me to make. When you work with Willow you see true, lasting movement .” (J. Stevens) *

Talking to Willow can be transformative and deeply affecting. She brings a very powerful intuition and personal wisdom to everything she is involved in, underpinned by the professional insight that she has developed over many yeas of experience and training. Willow is a very talented  EFT Tapping, NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist. I had never heard of Timeline Therapy before but I found it to be a revelation. I think I saved myself years of therapy as the sessions with Willow helped me to get underneath the issues that have effected me in this life by unlocking earlier problems from the past.” (Mr M. O. London) *

“I smoked for 18 years. My wife had been asking me to quit for years. I tried patches, gum and even going cold turkey. I didn’t have the willpower. So I turned to hypnosis as a last resort. How I wish I’d tried it earlier. I walked in the door a smoker and walked out the door an hour and a half later a non-smoker. I was amazed it was so easy. And it was really relaxing. The struggle is over. I am now a non smoker. I no longer worry that I smell, I’m a good example to my kids and I’ve saved a fortune. I recommend it to anyone who asks me about quitting.”  (John Paul – Father of 2) *

“I wanted to say thank you and to let you know how much I appreciate the work we did together. I was happy to find that over the weeks that followed I made some really important decisions that I simply didn’t feel able to make before. My confidence is much higher and I trust my own judgement more. I’ve been able to move on in life when before I was feeling depressed and stuck. The work we did was actually a very pleasant experience and I only wish I’d done it sooner. I found you to be a very nurturing and caring person while also highly professional and knowledgeable. It is a powerful combination. Thanks again. (Mr John J) *

“I’ve always been terrified of interviews and my mind used to go blank when anyone asked me a question in an interview. But after only one session  it was completely different. I was able to stay calm. I came across how I wanted to come across and my mind was clear and sharp so I was able to say what I wanted to say. The best news was that I got the job. I recommend anyone to just this a try, if something is bothering them.”  (Mrs P.K) *

“I tried a technique which enabled me to examine the different parts of me and bring about ‘parts integration’. It was amazing. It allowed me to stop carrying the thinking, actions and problems that inherently belonged in my Mother’s life path and I let go of the things in my own body, mind and way of being… I put down the bag of rocks I had been carrying on my mother’s behalf and freed myself of all that negative responsibility… my load was lightened beyond thoughts and words.” (L.S.) *

“I first sought Willow’s help on a specific relationship issue over 10 years ago. I was quite nervous about even speaking to someone about it but she was very kind; she helped me talk through the issue in a way that was in itself very useful. She is intelligent, non judgemental  and is great at helping you get to the heart of what is really going on and needs fixing. I have never tried this kind of help before and was a little wary as to what it would be like and how it would help. I needn’t have worried.  She really helped me with what was going on. I have been to see her on a number of occasions since then and we have used  EFT Tapping, Hypnosis, NLP and Timeline Therapy which turned out to be not at all scary and were all fast and powerful for getting results. I have always found it a very rewarding experience. The combination of her unique wisdom and insight as well as her skill means she is truly brilliant at what she does!.” (Ms M. T.) *

*  DISCLAIMER –  I am  legally required to point out that every person is unique and results may vary from person to person when you work with me.