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Life Coaching | Clarity Coaching | EFT Tapping | Time Line Therapy® | NLP | Hypnotherapy


When you work with me

  • you can get very clear about what you really want to resolve or solve
  • you can feel safe and supported to be and do that which will get you the results you want
  • you can feel yourself waking up to your own truth and your inner wisdom
  • you can  find yourself using powerfully effective approaches and techniques (that may seem surprisingly simple)
  • So you can get a clearer mind, more off of your shoulders and visible, felt results  

I work with passion, compassion, enthusiasm, experience and confidence.

People say that they experience me as a ‘wise’ guide, an insightful life-clarifier and an emotional healer.

I help people to wake up to the fact that they’re not broken, that they don’t need fixing and that we are each a fully self-correcting being with an unending supply of inner wisdom available to us, even when we are struggling with something.

My expertise lies in supporting people to have their own impactful insights, to get to the truth of things for themselves and what to address all this with skill and compassion. I truly care about helping people be their true selves, to heal and grow.

I am qualified, registered and insured and I follow the code of ethics of the professional bodies of which I am a member.

Sometimes it all starts with simply having someone to talk it through with, so email, text or call me for more information or to book an appointment.

If you prefer to talk first then I offer up to 30 minutes of initial conversation by phone/Zoom.

Call/text 07876 593 603  or email: