My Approach and Beliefs

My approach
I have been fascinated by the human condition since I was young and my focus in life has revolved around people, psychology, psychotherapy, hypnosis, spirituality, books, writing, words, talking, energy and feelings…

I have great compassion for people and I believe in allowing everyone their own perspective. I’m also big on compassion and self compassion.

I believe that we can only deal with something when we are ready to deal with it. Yet working with the right person can make this so much easier than you might imagine. I love this work, showing people how much is possible in a realistic timeframe, when you have the right help, support and techniques.

I help people to understand that we are all on our own personal journey and that it isn’t always what you expect it to be… yet we really can impact upon it positively. I don’t put myself on a pedestal. I am human, I still have my own issues and idiosyncrasies yet I have done (and continue to do) a great deal of work on myself in order to be able to work with other people and their issues. I believe that this is really important.

I have high integrity and live my life according to my beliefs. I believe in the importance of a spiritual connection with life, although I don’t align with any formalised religion (having explored all of the main religions in some depth I find truths in all of them). I totally honour the beliefs of my clients and I always work within them. I believe in the existence of an energy that connects everything (as do leading NASA scientists nowadays) and I am very well read on quantum physics and where it overlaps with spirituality and with the mind-body connection.

My background
I spent many years in the world of business advertising and innovation, working for big brands, doing a form of business psychology with consumers, brands and products and running this alongside my personal development, life coaching,  therapy training and client work. I have found that my true passion lies with people and their personal lives and helping to make a difference there.

I am a published writer of spiritual/personal development books and I’m a mother.