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Coach with me and you’ll shift from within and see results from without.

People say I am a wise guide, an insightful life-clarifier and an emotional healer. Yet they also like how clear, logical and down to earth I  can be.

My expertise lies in getting to the truth of things and knowing what to do about it with skill and compassion. 

I offer

  • Compassionate conversation, allowing you to feel safe, supported and heard
  • Powerful insights, that come from within you, that help you understand yourself and your situation
  • The opportunity to see  yourself and your situation clearly, so it’s easy to know what you want to do or not do
  • Fast, easy techniques around beliefs and emotions for whenever your wisdom suggests that this would benefit you
  • The chance to develop new supportive, life enhancing beliefs and habits, to access your innate power from the inside out, to get you more of what you want
  • The opportunity to discover what really matters to you and how you can live your life in ways that feel successful, enriching and fantastic

Become your best self from the inside out

When you work with me, you get to become your best self from the inside out. There is no willpower involved in the solutions.

Working with me is not about forcing yourself in any way or about ‘trying’ to ‘be’ different. It’s about becoming (waking up to) your real, best-self by insightfully collapsing what is getting in your way and allowing your full potential, that is within you (and has always been).

You wake up to who you are on the inside so that the shifts you organically create are deep and true. You won’t have to ‘try’ to change after our sessions because the changes you create mean that you will have changed. It’s transformational work. You won’t have to push or force yourself to live your life from this better place, it will flow naturally as it becomes central to who you are. People report feeling both relieved yet energised as we do this work.

I’m here to be something like your navigator, to help you to facilitate the change you want. With my support you insightfully become more of who you already are, without your misunderstandings and issues getting in your way.  Together we can make a great team but the shifts come from within you.

What will coaching do for me?

Coaching is entirely personal. 
It’s about finding someone you trust, someone who knows what they are doing. It’s about making sure that you have good rapport, so that you can go on a journey together, where you are the priority.

It is often said that therapy looks backwards while coaching looks forward. Personally I believe that this is too simplistic. I believe that what’s needed is a spiritually based coaching approach, where we have a clear grasp of who you really are and how life really works. When we have this then we know what you are dealing with and it’s easy to clarify what you would like to clear and to create, to get the results that you want.

We start by simply talking to each other. You need to get a sense that I know what I’m doing and whether you feel I’m right for you. Then we both get a handle on where you need support and how this would take shape. You will get an idea of how I work and I’ll get to discover what kind of client you would be.

We can do this in our first session or I offer a free, no obligation initial 30 minute phone or Zoom/Facetime/Skype conversation. I don’t charge for this as I find that this takes the pressure off of the whole exchange and allows us both to relax. If we need to talk some more, we can always have another call until you are clear that this is something that you really want. Then, we go forward from there.

What I’m like

I’m Willow, a life coach, a therapist and an internationally published writer of self help books. Prior to doing this full-time I’ve also spent 25 years in the business worlds of consumer psychology, advertising, innovation, brand psychology and new product development. I’ve been married twice and I’m a parent.

I’m knowledgeable, clear and supportive. My expertise lies in getting you to the truth of things and in helping you to know what we can do about it all with skill and compassion. I’ve done enough of this work in my own life and with my clients that nothing about your issues will surprise, scare or challenge me.

I always do my best, I offer respect, care and integrity. Yet I’m also real and human, I don’t pretend to be superwoman and I don’t hide behind a role or a coaching persona, the ‘me’ you coach with is the me that I am.

Is it personal or business or both?

Some people only want to work on themselves and their private life while others find that they want to focus on their work life. In truth, both spill over into each other as the two can never be really be separated. It’s all about where you want to focus.

Each person that I coach is different and has their own issues so these are the examples of the kind of work we can do together. (Let me reassure you that no one needs to do all of this)

  • Take you through a major or minor life change
  • Release stress or trauma from recent or past events/experiences
  • Get you unstuck if you are stuck
  • Explore and uncover your purpose, dreams and passions
  • Clarify your ambitions and desires and how they fit with your current beliefs, thoughts and behaviours
  • Have you living from an inside out understanding, to be who you really are  while seeing that’s who you want to be
  • To organically develop powerfully supportive new beliefs, behaviours and habits
  • To find balance in your own life in this fast paced, complex world
  • Tackle your relationship with yourself, your partner, friends, family and colleagues
  • Tackle your relationship with money and work
  • Uncover your strongest talents and skills
  • Deal with your fears, worries, insecurities and weaknesses, avoidance, procrastination and frustrating habits
  • Clear limiting beliefs and emotions that are holding you back
  • Shift how you sabotage or undermine yourself unintentionally
  • Discover how issues from the past can be influencing you negatively in the now and then let them go

My Business coaching is about addressing you as a person within a business context. We can;

  • Free you to be big, to make an impact, to succeed, to be satisfied
  • Clarify what your REAL purpose is in what you do
  • Find your passion and purpose within or outside of your current work context
  • Explore what you are not aware of that is impacting on your work
  • Clear any unfinished business that is still effecting you
  • Deal with your fears and insecurities
  • Clarify how your beliefs, behaviours and patterns are controlling your experience
  • Change these from within, as quickly and easily as possible
  • Uncover and address where your ego is tripping you up
  • Treat self sabotage, procrastination, overwhelm to create clear priorities
  • Tackle relationships with your business partners, colleagues, clients and customers
  • Tackle time management and your true role at work, from within you
  • Break free of feeling controlled or constrained by your work culture or identity
  • Deal with your relationship with money, status, outside opinion
  • Uncover your strengths and address what seem to be  your weaknesses
  • Explore how you unintentionally undermine yourself and resolve this to create balance and success in your own life.

This is your chance to take yourself to where you really want to be, to be your true, best self … it starts with contacting me so that we get to open up the conversation.

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