Past Life Regression

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The idea of Past Life Regression has become much more mainstream in recent years.

People now seek it out as they are often troubled by ideas or dreams that they keep reliving or they have an instinct that this is at the centre of a current issue.

More than half the world contains cultures where the concept that we have existed in a previous life is taken as an accepted fact.

In western culture past life issues have become better known in recent years, largely due to the fact that so many people have found themselves spontaneously talking about their past lives to their therapist or coach when working on their issues.

Even those people who had never even considered the existence of previous lives or those who don’t even believe in them at all have sometimes found themselves accessing strong, clear, unique memories.

This means that nowadays even those therapists who don’t personally believe in Past Lives experiences have to now be trained to deal with them should they come up.

Whether you believe in Past Lives or not, whether you choose to see them as true or to see them as the mind working in a symbolic, metaphorical way, working with past lives for those who want to do this can be an incredibly effective way of healing issues and making lasting changes.

I don’t explore past life issues with clients just for entertainment purposes. I only access a past life issues where it seems to the client that this may be the root cause of their problems in their current life. There is usually something to learn and something to heal here.

Accessing a past life event or events and bringing conscious awareness or learning from what happened has resolved many problems permanently.

There are fundamentally two ways to access a past life:

The old way – By re-living the events, the standard way  for many years

The new way – By floating above the events and observing what happened without actually re-living it. Gaining the learnings and clearing the old feelings and beliefs. This is a much more comfortable option that gains the best end results

I use the second method as it is a lot more comfortable for you as a client as you do not have to feel the negative emotions or relive the experience a second time around.


Some of the more interesting past life events recalled by past life regression clients are;

A phobia of lifts coming from feeling boxed in from a past life burial.

Relationship issues coming from living in a different time and culture.

A fear of ladders  being caused by being killed by falling to the floor of a very high barn.

An fear of candles stemming from being burnt to death in a fire.

A persistent problem in the shoulder and back area having been caused by an ancient war injury in a previous life.

A fear of riding fast on ones horse  was found to have its root cause in another lifetime where the client had been the only survivor in a huge, medieval battle.

Irrational jealousy of a partner stemming from the client and their partner having been together before and the partner cheating on them in the previous lifetime.

Obviously not every client will need past life regression, however it is a very valuable tool to be used if nothing else has cleared a problem and helps explain some seemingly irrational emotions which many of us experience from time to time.

Working with it can lead to permanent relief from your issues.