Work | Career | Money issues

Your experiences around your career, work or money stem from your beliefs. 

People mistakenly believe that they can’t simply change their beliefs, that they are fixed as their reality… yet belief-change is one of the simplest and fastest techniques available nowadays and it can create the biggest positive shifts in your life.

Life Coaching, EFT Tapping, Time Line Therapy,® NLP and hypnosis can enable you to alter, change or shift the emotional blocks that are holding you back in your work, your career or your finances and enable you to get clear about what you want to do and how to do it. Often we feel that we are constrained by our responsibilities, the economy, luck, our age or anything else that we believe in.  While these are real factors, we can still take full responsibility for ourselves by not letting ourselves be  held back by our own limiting beliefs and negative emotions. As we do this we then find that the ‘real factors’ miraculously shift too.

Your issues will be unique to you and together we can work at sorting them out.
Remember that when you let go of your limiting beliefs you will get more of what you want in life;

What limiting beliefs do you want to let go of?
“Work is a drag” (Yet some people genuinely love their jobs)
‘I’ll never find the right job for me.’ (Yet people who believe they will usually do)
‘I’ll never earn money from doing what I love’. (Yet so many people do)
‘I’m too old to start again’. (Not if you believed differently)
‘No one will want to employ me’. (Not until you let go of that belief)
‘I’ll always struggle financially’. (You will if you believe that)
‘Other people get the breaks but I don’t’. (Not if you believed differently)
‘It’s not about me, I’m the victim of prejudice’. (or not)
‘I don’t want to be responsible for myself.’ (How powerful would it be to want to be)
‘I haven’t the confidence to make a change.’ (You don’t need confidence you need a change of beliefs)
Or whatever else you believe…

The work we could do together can change your beliefs and feelings
and that can change your life