What Is My Inner Self?

Your inner self is… your true self that we are often unaware of. We tend to identify with our public identity instead. Ideally these should match but often they don’t.

All Life Coaching and therapy work that I engage in involves understanding and befriending yourself in a positive and constructive manner so that you become aware of the relationship that you have with yourself.

Often we are very hard on ourselves, criticising ourselves for the fact that we should be brighter, cleverer, richer, slimmer, fitter, faster, you name it, people find it to beat themselves up about it. This means that we often fail to nurture ourselves or show the goodwill and compassion to ourselves that we would happily show to others (or maybe are unable to extend to anyone). It’s only when we understand what we are doing that we can begin to change it.

While in other areas we often over indulge ourselves. We behave in ways that are unhelpful and destructive because we don’t know what else to do. Like children with no parents we may let ourselves be totally unmanageable, staying up too late, eating and drinking too much, spending too much and doing things that we know will cause problems up ahead. Often we let other people treat us badly too because we don’t know how to do it differently.

Working with me can be about building a new relationship with yourself in a new way. It can be about recognising that you’ve broken yourself into conflicting parts that aren’t all pulling in the same direction. That with each step you take in one direction, a part of you is going the opposite way. I can help you to bring yourself back into a fully functioning integrated whole person so that all of your energies and efforts work together.

We can release blocks, let go of fears, harness your strengths and take you where you want to go with your life by you understanding and supporting your inner self.

It is a power that you will then have for life.