Relationship issues

These techniques are very powerful when used for relationship issues.

Whether you want to start a new relationship, heal your current relationship, end a dysfunctional relationship or be able to get into a new, better relationship… this kind of help can allow you to make those shifts.

Working with me can make it possible to;

  • Get a different perspective on your relationship
  • Appreciate your differences and have more compassion for each other
  • Cut emotional ties and attachments with previous partners
  • Help you to let go of historical issues that may be affecting your ability to be in a relationship or to have a happy relationship
  • Better understand some of the differences between men and women
  • Heal/alter your relationship with your parents (whether they are alive or not)
  • Resolve issues for yourself regarding friendships or amongst family members
  • Build up feelings of self-esteem and confidence
  • Clear out feelings of hurt or fear of being hurt
  • Clear out feelings of guilt
  • Clear out jealousy/possessiveness
  • Clear out feelings of unworthiness
  • Clear out a fear of failure
  • Clear out a fear of commitment
  • Clear out a fear of being trapped
  • Clear out feelings of rejection or fear of being rejected
  • Clear out feelings of vulnerability
  • Clear out feelings of betrayal or fear of being betrayed
  • Clear out the need to stay with someone who is hurting or mistreating you