About Me

I am Willow Bennett, I was born in England to Irish parents and I was brought up in Warwickshire in the middle of the UK. I gained a degree in psychology at Manchester University and then spent many years in London, working in brand and consumer psychology. While succeeding in the corporate world I simultaneously trained and worked in the fields of therapy, life coaching and personal development.

I trained in Humanistic Psychotherapy before the British standard for accreditation came in so I have the experience and the training yet I am not an accredited psychotherapist. I am however, a fully qualified and registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and a qualified and registered NLP practitioner, Time Line Therapy® Practitioner, EFT Tapping Practitioner and a Transformational Clarity Coach.

My interest in the field of therapy came from my own troubled childhood. As an adult I sought out therapy but I was frustrated by the fact that insight and knowledge of my past didn’t necessarily lead to a release of the troubling thoughts, feelings or behaviours. For me things didn’t change fast enough or easily enough.

So I became interested in hypnotherapy as a client, using it for weight loss in my early twenties. I was so impressed by THE POWER OF WORKING WITH THE UNCONSCIOUS MIND  that I was enthusiastic enough to want to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist myself.

I went on to discover and become a practitioner of NLP and then Time Line Therapy,®  followed by EFT Tapping and Transformational Clarity Coaching. I was blown away with the power of an understanding of who we really are and how life really works. This, combined with the techniques I use, equipped me to create real and lasting change in my own life and now I do the same with my clients (without them having to re-live negative past experiences and without having to talk through old problems over and over).

I’ve spent decades exploring the world of therapy and self development and working with fears, phobias, trauma, addictions, anxiety, depression, self doubt, lack of self love, troubled childhoods, relationship issues and negative feelings, behaviours and beliefs.

I’m very knowledgeable and well read across the board. I believe that you shouldn’t be working with other people in this kind of work unless you have done a lot of work on yourself… and I have done this and I continue to do so.

I have a gentle yet direct style and I am incredibly effective at getting people to see life in a more empowering way, to discover and uncover their own power within. To clear old emotions and beliefs that are troubling them or holding them back. The evidence of this is visible in the lives of my clients who experience their beliefs, feelings and behaviours all changing for the better as a result of our relationship.