Grief | Loss | Heartbreak

Grief is a normal, healthy and appropriate feeling when we experience loss. It’s normal in the modern world to assume that we shouldn’t seek help for grieving, yet often it feels too big and too painful, so we can need help with it.

People may tell you that it will take a year or two to feel better, which is often true if you don’t seek help. Yet the truth is that you can feel radically different in just one to three sessions.

You don’t need to deal with this alone… I can help you.
Are you dealing with…
Bereavement (recent or distant)
A shock or trauma around separation or death
A broken relationship or marriage
A broken family or friendship
The loss of a well loved pet or animal
The loss of something really important to you (home, job, health etc.)

There are five recognised stages of grieving (shock/denial, anger/pain, bargaining/guilt, depression/longing and acceptance/restructuring) and you may need support working through them, get stuck cycle around them over and over or you may struggle with one stage more than another.

The trouble with grief is that we often complicate things for ourselves without realising that this is what we are doing.

  • We tell ourselves that this is the only way through.
  • Perhaps we think that we don’t deserve to feel any better as we feel guilty for being angry at the person/life we have lost.
  • Or we are scared to feel better for we worry that if we feel better it means that we didn’t care deeply enough for the person/life we have lost.
  • Sometimes we simply can’t accept our loss. We can’t come to terms with a death or the end of a relationship or situation.
  • Often when a relationship ends and your partner simply moves on with their lives we are unable or unwilling to let go of the connection ourselves.
  • It’s easy to get in a muddle with our grief because it is such a strong and debilitating emotion, it hurts so much and it carries such a charge around it.

How I can help
Life Coaching, EFT Tapping, Time Line Therapy,® NLP and hypnosis can help you to heal your beliefs, thoughts and feelings so that you can move through the process with understanding and support. They can also be used to help you to release much of the pain, while still holding onto any love and connection that is appropriate.

  • Using these techniques to feel better can help you to strengthen your general health and your immune system (which improve when you are under less stress) and help you to cope in the world.
  • They can also help you to ease any reliance on other forms of stress relief at this time, such as food or alcohol and help to bring you to a more peaceful understanding of your situation.
  • The aim of the work is to help you to feel better, to be able to let go and move on where a relationship has ended or to feel closer and more connected with a loss through bereavement.